We Empower Indie Artists To Stay Independent

We know how hard is to be an independent artist and how many hours you put into your craft.

We know how it feels to see your work not get the attention it deserves.

We know this because we’ve heard the stories of our artists before they worked with us.

We know this because we manage quite a few successful artist projects (creamy, untrusted, Martin Artheta, Solace, etc.).

Our proposal is simple: Imagine being heard by thousands or even millions of potential fans.

We’ve built a system to make that happen

It’s really hard to run an indie label unless you’ve got strong connections to people that can get you on Editorial playlists and even then it might not happen.

The artists might get disappointed because they trust you with their music and they want to see results.

We didn’t want to rely on the DSP’s editorial support.

There’s so much music being released each week and we wanted to have a way of promoting our artists without relying on Editorials.

So we decided to grow our own playlists from scratch and ended up creating a network of +1.000.000 playlist followers.

This system allowed us to release over 1000 tracks and gather close to 1 billion streams across all streaming platforms.

Our goal is to put you on the map

If you are serious about getting heard and working in an environment that is respectful, trustworthy, and transparent, then you should join 11:11.

Let’s make music happen:

  • We only release singles with the artists we work with, so they can be completely independent but still work with us (we’re not a label that ‘locks’ people in)
  • You get your own artist dashboard with detailed reports (we are 100% transparent with how we promote you and how much you earn)
  • We’ll design a professional artwork for your songs (see releases)

Want to kickstart your artist career?