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The problem is getting the attention it deserves: Getting noticed in a sea of other artists doing the same thing.

  • Every day, there are thousands of new songs being launched
  • Getting noticed on social media rarely happens because organic exposure is limited by all platforms
  • PR companies are too expensive and without a good connection, impossible to reach
  • Most well known independent labels are flooded with demos emails and usually don’t respond anymore

Your work deserves to be heard! We make sure your work gets noticed by cutting through the white noise.

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Here Are Some Of The Results Of Our Promotions

We stand by our results. We take care of our artists.

Here’s A Sneak Peak Of Our Playlist Network

We maintain our playlists. Your songs can receive an instant boost of Spotify streams.

Here’s what our artists say

We asked our artists how they feel about collaborating with us and we’ve got the following responses:

The time I took to invest into promotion with little to no measurable results made me feel like I want to quit producing music. Once I started working with 11:11, I was able to use all that mental energy that I was wasting on thinking about promoting my music, to actually creating my music. The biggest milestone I’ve had since working with 11:11 was that I hit 65,000 streams (Spotify) on my profile in 1 single day, which was huge for me. Being an artist and also being a PR company is hard, some of us just want to focus on our craft.


Putting myself out there was the hardest part, I had no confidence in my work. I’d create a lot of music but I’d be super scared of actually showing it to anyone because I thought they’d judge me. (that’s why I’m an anonymous artist). Once I started collaborating with 11:11 Music Group, the first thing I noticed was that my confidence in terms of creating music was growing. The people at the label were always super friendly and I really felt that I was sharing my music with a friend, rather than a company. Since they’re experienced with this kind of thing, I’d ask for feedback, sometimes I didn’t even care if they were going to sign my song or not, I was in it for the feedback to get better. If you’re looking for an artist-friendly label, 11:11 Music Group is for you.

Martin Arteta

Before joining the 11: 11 team, I had trouble focusing on producing consistently (due to working with loads of flakey artists in years prior). Now I have a steady stream of deadlines and a motivation to release within a week or two that keeps me on top of my skills and helps me refine my craft as a music creator. The obvious results are the vast amount of streams with my releases alongside 11 11. The less obvious results are that of a more streamlined and productive workflow as a result of working alongside a label (and artists) that are motivated to grind and achieve the best results consistently. Additionally, 11 11 has created a work environment that is respectful, trustworthy, and transparent. In the music industry, transparency is a massive necessity.


My biggest challenge before submitting was releasing music and putting all my fate in Spotify/Apple Music editorials to pick my music and feature it in their playlists. That didn’t happen. I felt like there’s no place for me on the platform. Everyone either had good connections or a major label behind them and I was just an independent artist trying to share my songs with the world. After joining 11:11, I was placed in a few big playlists owned by the guys at 11:11 that had over 1 million followers. The first month I ever released music with 11:11 I got 1+ million streams. It completely changed my career path. Since July 2020, I’ve kept releasing with them and have gotten over 44M streams since July 2020.


Here’s how you can start working with us

It’s time for your work to be appreciated and get the streams it deserves. Make a change and let us put you on the map.

1. Send us your demo

Send us your demo using the form on the website. It only takes 30 seconds. We will have a look at what you’ve created (we kindly accept submissions)

2. Listening session

Our team of A&R’s will review the song. We’ll get back to you within (whether or not the song is approved by the A&R’s)

3. Get heard

Your song will be added to our playlists with a reach of over 500,000 followers. We we will also add your song to Spotify Discovery Mode

Why work with 11:11 Music Group?

We listen to our artists and make sure they get heard:

  • Our deals are non-exclusive. You work with us but you remain independent. You are NOT “stuck” or obliged to release only with us
  • You’ll receive an easy to understand and transparent contract that you can sign digitally from anywhere (if anything is unclear, you can ask us and we’ll make it clear for you)
  • You will be added to a Spotify playlist network with over half a million followers
  • You get 100% transparency in everything we do and how we promote your songs
  • You’ll have an artist dashboard where you can see how much income your song generates (payments are done monthly)
  • We’ll design a professional artwork for your songs (see releases)
  • You’ll collab with one of the top 30 most followed Spotify accounts
  • We support global payments (EUR, USD, GBP, INR + many others), and crypto payments
  • You’ll get your payments sent to you monthly
  • Our split is one of the best if not the best in the industry: 50-50%

Our promise to you: We’ll do our best to promote your art and fulfill your potential.

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We stand by our words: 100% transparency.